Case Study: J. Hilburn

J. Hilburn is the direct men custom made  suits and shirts and shirts.

So why do they  deserve  a case study?

During NYFW  Men this Dallas based company  did something so ingenious  with regards to  marketing.

Most of the shows where spilt  from the Skylight Clarkson venue  to the  Cadillac House.

However, all participants had to pass by this  one corner on your way going  to the shows.

J. Hilburn figured this corner out an set up a  cabana  style atmosphere  with a lounge and tables, free amazing  appetizers,  sure there were drinks, but you had to go into their air conditioned  showroom where you were shown all the latest  in their collection.

They also timed this so they had models come  out when people were in between shows and knew when other shows  were being let out to offer a cold beverage on a 90 degree day.

Why is this so ingenious?
1. They knew where there market was located.
2. They figured out  ideal time capture the most  foot traffic.
3. They created an enticing environment that was they knew would  attract their  market.
4. They catered  to the  basic needs of  everyone  free cold beverages on a hot day.
5. Treated everyone with such gracious hospitality and did not only cater to a select few. In business everyone is a customer whether you want to admit  or not.

Cheers to J. Hilburn in capturing and expanding  their business!

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