Fall Lifestyle Trends

We have been around looking at what will  trend high this fall in terms of  lifestyle.

Old Fashion American Cusine :
Americans will return to  pot roast and carrots, pancakes and waffles, grilled cheese and tomato soup. And Roasted Chicken with rice pilaf. See more of Brooklyn  Dinners , Big Daddys restaurants make a comeback. And traditional steakhouses will see great growth.

Cuban Influence :
Since we think it is only a matter of months before there is a direct flight from the US to Cuba this is what is going to trend high:
1. Traditional Red Wine Sangria the kind you let rest for three days.
2. Rum and Rum drinks.
3. Cigar clubs that were big in the 90's now are going to have authentic Cuba cigars of course at a  premium.
4. More women are going for large flowers in the hair.
5. 12 piece Samba Music will also make a comeback.
6. And family style paella dishes will be added to menus as will Roasted Suckling Pig.

Curvy Women’s World
Many women will embrace their natural curves. Hence more luxury retailers and designers  who cringed at the size 10 and up will have to design clothes to that market or loose out on a multi billion dollar market.

Health and Fitness:
Due to  high injury rate of high impact  performance sports,  more people will opt for walking and walking clubs. Swimming will also make a comeback post  Olympics.
Yoga and meditation will still be the in.
Clean eating will be replaced with flavorful healthy international cusine.
Organic and gluten will be replaced by eating according to what the Earth can naturally produce.

Technology :
Don't expect another Facebook anytime soon,  but expect Virtual and Augmented Reality to hit mainstream. Especially in the areas of medicine, travel,  and entertainment.

Entertainment :
Gaming will be popular in terms of video games expect a resurgence from old fashion Pac Man, Donkey Kong,  and all the Nostalgia of the 90's.
Also,  traditional game night with poker,  Bridge,  Blackjack making a comeback with at home tournaments. Traditional sports including fantasy leagues will  dominate.

Most of dating apps will fail because of Catfish. Most people will find their significant other through social groups,  alumni and professional associations.
Every one who wants a  job wants to keep their's so there will be a dramatic reduction in,  work place.

The technology field in terms of coding will cool off as the field has become saturated with people in these fields. Most of the hot startups will not be  around because of  lack of leadership or in ability to  work with investors.
Traditional careers will see a  resurgence. You may want to reapply for the CPA license, and get recertified as a  Guidence Counselor dealing with gender identity issues.

Most Americans are likely to  stay in the  U.S. so expect an uptick in Camping, Glamping, Skiing and Apres Parties and a true discovery of the great American out doors.

Beauty :
The healthy beauty market will continue to  grow and  more women will  embrace the natural  make up world as they enter the job market.

That's our take on the Fall Trends.

Cheers and Enjoy Fall Beauty! !

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