Foodie Friday's : Chicken BBQ Dinner

It's the end of the summer and most people have been to BBQ or two and now you have to host.

Here's our take on the  classic chicken BBQ.

Clean chicken with lemon juice and vinegar.

Season with salt, pepper,  and garlic powder overnight.

Next day bring the chicken up to  room temperature and par cook it, til done. Then put on the  grill for a  smokey flavor.

BBQ Sauce: We used Sticky Fingers Sweet and Sour Sauce with a  Kick.

We gave a generous slather to all of  our pieces of chicken.

Bean Salad
1. Can Kidney beans
2. Can of Chick  Peas
3. Can of Corn
4. Can of Black Beans
All rinsed and drained.
Put in a  bowl of balsamic vinegar, one stalk of green onions,  and dried cranberries.
Let this marinade overnight.

Corn Bread
1. 3 Cups Corn Meal
2. 2 Cups flower
3. 3 teaspoons of baking powder
4. 1 tablespoon of sugar
5.  2 beaten eggs
6.  Sharp Cheese grated
7. 1 Cup of Milk
8. 1 Can of Cream Corn

Mix in a  mixing bowl and transfer to a  melted butter coated baking dish  and bake  at 400 til  done.

Perfect moist Corn Bread to go with  the BBQ chicken dinner.

Cheers to an awesome BBQ dinner!

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