Getting Ready for School and Life

All college  campuses  have career offices, but  realistically;

How many times  have you  ever  been  to  them ?

Three young  women  who decided  to take career  development along  with women 's empowerment head on and created organizations that  give college  women  a head start  in their  lives.

Intern Queen
That's right  the Intern Queen  is a  national  organization  that  assists in finding  any college  student  an internship.
These internships can range  from coding at a  start up, banking, fashion, and traditional marketing at a  variety if companies and non- profits.
When  I attended the  Intern Queen Party in NYC what  I  really  appreciate was the willingness  of the  interns giving  tips  to each  other on how to  get ahead.  We also  observed  many of  the  Intern Queens staff  were former office  staff  members, who came  to  assist  at the  event. Some  former staff members  work  for prestigious  PR companies, others were working at  non profits,  etc.
Intern Queen  is not  looking  to  replace  any college career advisor, but  they are fostering an environment  where the facilitation of information  and resources are presented  in a  colegial  way.

College Fashionista
This  organization  is exactly  what  the title  suggests, with  Fashion  Blogging an actual  course at Harvard, and retail  math being taught  at the leading  business  schools. College  Fashionista  is grooming  the  next  generation  of fashion PR  gurus,  stylists,  designers and  fashion executives.
I have  attended  one in the  Spring  with a designer Steve  Madden,  the Summer  was Beauty  Editor Kirstie  Dash from  Allure Magazine,  and most  recently  TV  personality from  MTV  Style. These  events  are  normally standing room only and  the panelists  give tips that  will  not only  get you a  job but a career.

Her Campus
Her Campus was founded  in Cambridge and has spread  throughout  the  nation, they address not only  career  but, body positive  focus with the  regional  fashion shows that  people have to  apply with essays to be  a  part  of  the show.  They  also have an annual  conference in  July where anyone can register  and be a part  that  focuses  on marketing, public relations, politics,  etc. This  all day  conference  gives you  so much  information that you will need a  notebook.

So school is in session and so is the  information!

Cheers  to Intern Queen,  College  Fashionista,  and  Her Campus!

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