Re-think: Communications Career

When most people think of communications  careers they think of journalism,  public relations, writers, etc.

We noticed a trend with people who have  careers in communications, which  was often thought of as a fluff job, which all you do was go to fancy parties, meet cool  people and get unlimited swag.

However, publicists and corporate communication officers are almost as important as  the finance person.

They have to craft strategies that  would  maximize exposure hence revenue for the company.  They are constantly  monitoring their field and counter acting any mistakes that  leadership may make in public or social media.

So,  it is  no coincidence that  the  CEO of HBO was the head of Communications and the famed director Ava DuVarnay who spent over 15 years  in public  relations  before she went to  direct  movies and  was recently tapped to direct  a major high budget film from Disney.

Before you jump ship to learn how to  code, think about  all the skills  needed to be  a  great communications offcer. And where those skills can eventually take you long term.

Cheers to all communications majors!

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