Thanks for Four Years

l started the best thing of my life, which is this blog.

Every day for  four years I would  think,  what piece of happiness can I share with the world.  What will be  my legacy in terms of writing.

Regardless, of what I write I want to thank each of you who read an article, shared an article that you read on this site.

It keeps me going knowing that I have impacted a lot of people worldwide. It is also humbling to know that with good  intentions you can change the world.

The reason why I kept anonymous for these four years without blogger parties, commercial endorsements,  etc. Is I wanted to give you the reader the best in unfiltered and unbiased information.

Terry  McMillan said it the best "A true  writer is first an observer of life, then  we create the stories based on our intuition."

My goal of Positivexpert is get everyone to see the beauty of life and for every one to know that there is always a  rainbow in everything.

As my father laid in bed this past June, and we knew his  death was just a matter of time,  the last full Sunday of his life, when the priest came to bless him, and after my family  blessed him, and he blessed everyone. 

In the  moment that could have been the most devastating, I looked as well as the priest there was a small rainbow on my father and a larger rainbow on my mother.

So, whatever you are going through even the death of a loved one,  look for the rainbow.

I sincerely hope that Positivexpert is and will continue to be a rainbow in your life.

Thanks for reading and as always Cheers!

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