The Truth About Natural Beauty

Okay, every one is all about going natural and embracing an all natural way of life.

We have are trying to just that and this is what we found:

1. Most natural products especially beauty products are not going to smell wonderful, in fact some of them stink. This is because most plants and things found in nature do have an earthy scent.

2. A little goes a long way,  I was using 100 percent pure charcoal soap every day and it dried out my very oily skin to the  point where I had to double up on moisturizer. If I had followed instructions and used the soap every two days, my face would not have dried out.

3. A little of scents go a long way as well.  If you are using pure organic aroma therapy oils,  don't put the entire bottle on your  skin in a week. It will be overbearing and you could get sick.

4. Lather and suds don't expect it.  100 percent organic body washes and shampoo do not have a lot of suds. This is because they don't have chemicals that cause that Sud producing action.

5. All natural make up does not last as long in terms of staying power and will require frequent touch ups. It also  has a  shorter shelf life than others as mass produced products so again factor that into your budget.

6. All natural deodorant and B.O. aluminum in deodorants are the ones that do not make your  sweat or they  have chemicals to absorb the sweat and  counter act the B.O. If your diet is heavy in meat and processed foods and you use a  natural deodorant you will have  B.O.

We are not here to  discourage you, but to give you encouragement to stick with your  natural  regimen although your body  will take time to get  use to it.

Cheers to a healthy beauty regimen!

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