Playing 20 Questions

The majority of business owners want to make money, since the advent of Groupon, Bloomspot, several business have used these services to lure in "potential customers" only to find out that they aren't repeat customers.

I have read several articles that these "deals" just don't make the business owner any profit, etc. However, last year, I had to "research" for a particular client, so I bought several vouchers to a variety of places and I discovered the "real reason" why people aren't return customers.

Many places, play "20 Questions" with potential customers, you know you are sitting in the manicurists chair and they ask you:
1. Where do you work?
2. Where do you live, what part of Manhattan or Long Island do you live?
3. Who are you dating?
4. What does your boyfriend do?
5. Where do you like to shop?
6. When are you due?
7. Do you have kids?
8. Where do they go to school?
9. Where do you vacation?

Playing 20 Questions isn't only a NYC thing, or something I just made up,  just this past August, the Editor of US Weekly wrote about her salon experience in LA and her experience with 20 Questions,  for the NYT Styles section.

Everyone wants to cater to that person who has ties to that big celeb or wife of a CEO, but playing 20 Questions, will not get you those clients at all, it will repel them!

In business, you have a to state your price and stand firm behind it, if a person goes ahead and books that appointment, it is because that person CAN PAY!

Major tenet, in order to get repeat customers, your service and products have to exceed clients expectations and once again, it is all about CONSISTENCY!

Here's to a great business without 20 Questions!

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