Caution Buyer Beware's: When Not to be FRUGAL

 Let's take a Break from Holiday Planning!

However, there are times when, we should not be FRUGAL! Especially getting ready for the holidays, you want to look and feel your best, but that's when budgeting comes to mind!

Health- You should never go bargain hunting for a doctor or dentist or anyone related to the medical field. Your annual exams both men and women should be done by a physician who hasn't had any malpractice infractions against them. You can find that out by contacting your state's medical board.

Cosmetic Treatments: Certain cosmetics treatments such as Botox and Restleyne, need to be done by a board certified dermatologist, not by a spa personnel, there could be serious side effects if these treatments are done by the proper medical personnel.

Legal: Make certain especially if you are starting a business or writing, that you seek proper legal counsel, especially when in comes to trademark law and setting up a corporate entity the right way.
1.       Make-Up and Beauty Items- if you find a particular brand that works well with your skin, and skin tone in terms of make-up stick with it!  I am an M-A-C loyalist because their products work the best for my skin tones. I am also a Khiel’s loyalist as well, products are wonderful!

2.       Hair Styling and Waxing- I am loyalist when, it comes to hair care as well, if you find someone who understands and can properly do your hair then stick with them. I go to Maria at the brow king – Damone Roberts, once again she understands, the shape of my brow and frames them accordingly.

3.       Handbags- I use my handbags, to put important documents, journals, computers, etc. and I remember when I thought I could cut a corner on this one and buy a $20.00 bag, when I was going to meeting and the straps broke, so here I was on 45th and Madison, literally carrying around my stuff in a H&M bag, gave it to me for free, until I got to my appointment. I buy quality from the designer themselves! Love Tory Burch and Coach bags! - BUYER BEWARE!! ALWAYS BUY FROM THE DESIGNERS DIRECTLY- COUNTERFEITS ARE A BIG NO’NO!

4.       Food Items- I don’t eat a lot of things, so I make certain that I get my fresh Wild Alaskan Salmon from a quality fish monger, and when I do buy chicken they must be hormone and pesticide free, so I do splurge on that! 

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