Cookie Swap and Classic Cookie Recipes

One of my former bosses would return from her Mid-Western state from Thanksgiving, with at least two dozen cookies.

She explained that over the Thanksgiving Holiday, people would gather at eat other's homes and bake different cookies, the swap them, she also explained that this tradition dated as far back from her European Ancestors.

When Crate and Barrel had Cookie Swap classes through out the country, it reminded me of her and how it brought her community together.

Especially, during these times of uncertainty it is good to do things that promote community and a sense of belonging.

Oh! Cookie Swaps are not just for the mom's who want to spend time with their children in the kitchen.  You can have a cookie swap for singles, newlyweds, woman vs. man type of bakeoffs, so be creative in who you invite over for your cookie swap, play music, drink some egg nog and have FUN!

Back to the Recipes! We have a lot of new cookie products on the market and sometimes you just want the basics. So my choices for cookies are Snickerdoodles, Oatmeal Raisin, and Chocolate Chip.

For the recipes you can check out the, they rate the recipe based on ease, time and the yield.

Also, get some nice tins with tissue paper, or even colorful bags to put your baked goodies.

Get into the kitchen and Have Some FUN!!!!

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