Deciding Who Comes to Dinner

The beauty of Thanksgiving is that it can be spread out over four days.

I know the actual day is Thursday, however once again with blended families, why not devote another day within the four day weekend to Thanksgiving.

My suggestions are:
If you have a large family then spread it out, and some people much rather stay in their own home, especially those with small children. 

My tips for actual Thanksgiving Day: 

Cocktail party of light bites-- no alcohol, maybe invite girlfriends/boyfriends who aren't as close to the family just dating, etc., get them in the mood while figuring them out.

The Entree:
This is a serious formal dinner for core family members, do not have people whom you are not fond of not close to the family at this event, this is where grandparents, parents, siblings, etc. meet.

Dessert Party:
Lastly there could be a dessert round where someone else has dessert and coffee and tea for maybe a neighbor or distant relative or once again, your son's/ daughter' newly found significant other.

The Friday: Black Friday/ Game Night:
Perfect time to invite maybe that new person you are dating over for a Dagwood Turkey Sandwhich, and a beer.  If that person can hang out with you in a casual informal setting, when everyone's guard is down and people are naturally gravitating to that person, he/she is a potential winner.

Saturday Night:
Again, some people may volunteer on Thanksgiving Day and not want to go to "big family" get together, so in this case I would roast a duck, invite a couple of close friends and family members together.

What to do about Family Tensions:
Families that have major discord, should have a designated days for "Thanksgiving" as previously mentioned, so your Mom is not getting along with one of her siblings or potential in-law's to the point where she has to take Xanax. Simply, exclude the "perceived troublemaker" from that particular Thanksgiving day. 
If other family members have no problems with that person, then use my suggestions above, remember it is a four day weekend. No one should be made to feel so uncomfortable to the point of illness. 

Here's to a great family day weekend!

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