Keeping in Focus the Real Meaning of THANKSgiving

Thanksgiving is really one of my favorite holidays because it unites people from all walks of life and religions to really celebrate true meaning of Gratitude.

So as we make our preparations this month for this one day.

I challenge you to take five minutes a day, I don't care where and write at least five things that you are grateful for, I did this challenge in the start of the summer and it literally changed my life forever.

By the time you get to the actual Thanksgiving Day, you will be changed and you will catch yourself when you start to complain, and will eliminate people from your life who complain to the point of whining.

And I am not just talk about women, there are some men who complain so much about such insignificant things, you would think they are having PMS, really.

Special note to couples who are dating and thinking about marriage, if by the end of the month your significant other still lacks basic gratitude.

 And you have changed and moved on to being a thankful person, then it is time you seriously reevaluate that relationship.

Remember, we can't change or help people who are stuck, we need to say "Thank You for the lesson and Move On!"

On that note... time to buy our tabletops...

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