Out of Town Guests: Your HOUSE Rules

Those of us who live in NYC often find ourselves being a host/hostess to overnight guests around the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Many of them flock to NYC to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the windows on 5th Ave, Broadway, Black Friday Sales, clubs, etc.

Before anyone comes to visit you should:

1. Find out their intentions- is it to shop, a play, dinner, go clubbing and picking up men or women. This way you can better plan their visit and diminish expectations.
I had a cousin who was coming from out of town and he said it was to spend quality time with the family, having not seen him in a while, I bought theater tickets for him and his significant other and his sister and myself.
Well, when he arrived going to Broadway was not in the plans for him, he wanted to do Black Friday shopping only. So, lucky I was able to find some friends who were available and we went to the theater.

Always have your GUEST EXPLICITLY state their intentions 2 weeks before a visit.

2. Find out any dietary restrictions:
Some people can't eat gluten, latose intolerant, have nut allergies, don't eat red meat, etc. If they have a long list of dietary restrictions, then when they arrive take them to the supermarket, so they can pick out their own foods.

3. Let them know your HOUSE rules:
1. Quiet times for you and your family.
2. Special rooms that are off limits.
3. If you have a young adults visiting their "cool elderly" aunts, then suggest they stay in a hotel, because young adults, want to check out the "nightlife" get drunk and all other things. Many adults it is instict will stay up and wait for them, especially when the come in at 7 the next morning.
4.Also, if you don't drink or smoke then tell your house guests to please refrain from those activities, while in the house.
5. Put all valuables and meds clear out of the view of anyone!

4.  Make your guests feel as comfortable as possible, what I do is I prepare a hospitality basket for everyone, so when they arrive in their rooms. Traveling can be long and cumbersome so I put items in the basket that they might have forgotten to pack and extras such as snacks, tourist book of NYC, and special high quality guest towels.

So, those are my key tips on how to make your guests feel welcome, without your pulling out your hair!

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