Questions to Expect from Family: T-Day Humor

Going home for Thanksgiving or for the Holidays can be stressful, so here are some questions you can anticipate from family members.

Older family members don't care what they ask, As my grandmother would have said " I am old enough, I can say what I want."

For Singles:
1. Have you met anyone "nice" yet?
2. Do you remember Janie/John from church/synagogue well they are in town, I spoke to their mother and they are free for the weekend. Next thing you know some random person, you vaguely remember is over for dessert.
3.Your biological clock is ticking dear, You may want to think about freezing your eggs/sperm. In your doggie bag to go home is the number of a fertility clinic.
4.So, if you work all those long hours, why aren't you a millionaire yet? 
5.If you are a millionaire and still single, "Money doesn't buy you happiness, Dear." 
Yet, still they had fun when you paid for their vacation home in the Caribbean.
6. Before, the holidays, you just had a major meeting with an agent or publisher, they are ready to buy your work, that was the good news. But, you should have gone to medical school, it would have been a steady pay check.
7. Maybe you should "Space Book" for a boy/girlfriend. Yes, that is what my father calls FACEbook, SPACEbook.

For the Married or Dating:
1. When are you going to buy a house, you can't raise a child in an apartment.
2. When are you going to have kids, again some random person that you vaguely remember from childhood just had a child.
3. If you are dating someone from another race or ethnicity, expect the most outlandish comments.
4. If you are a female and you happen to be a little bloated or gained weight, expect: "When is the baby due?"
5. If you stopped going to church or temple, expect: "You are going to hell, because you don't go..."
6.When are you getting married? Yet, in the drive over you both said that after tonight, you were breaking up.
7. "Look at the love birds, been married for 10 years." Yet still, you both live in separate bedrooms and the marriage counselor that you have been seeing for 5 years. told you to get a divorce.

Those are just observations from holidays past...


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