Surviving Black Friday.

You decided that you would get a couple of things for your loved ones for the Holidays. You have also, been reading this blog for a while and you know, you can always get something better for a lot less.

Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned to get great buys for Black Friday.

1.Make a Realistic List of People to Buy- 
You should give out of the joy of giving and not because you are obligated. 

2. Understand Everyone's taste and Appreciation- 
Some people love cookies baked from Toll House, you can get from the local supermarket, while someone people appreciate macaroons from Paynard. This is very important because some people feel very offended if you give them a gift, that is not at their taste level. I have seen this go either way.

3. The Night Before Black Friday-
If you are going to a mall or an outlet, go on the website the night before and mark down, which stores you want to go first, you should have a ranking order.

4. Hours of Operation-
People love to push, just because they can, not because the merchandise is going anywhere. My advice, some stores are open Thanksgiving Day Night with the same sales, I would go to those. Also, go 30 min. after the stores have opened, people have stopped pushing, by then.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothing-
Wear sneakers, Easy Spirits, and a comfortable clothing.

6. Pack a Snack-
Load up on Energy Bars and Cold Water.

7. Go with one other person-
This is very helpful because that person can watch your cart while you take a bathroom break. Also, you can keep each other on task when it comes to sticking to you your list! Just because it says buy 2 get 1 free, you only need one then buy one and save money!

8. Set a realistic time limit-
If it is 3 hours, then it is 3 hours and whatever you didn't get, you don't need. Move to Check Out.

9. Assume everyone will have an attitude-
Don't take anything personally. If a person wants to fight you over a toy let them have it, its not worth fighting over.

10. Thank the clerks at check out!
Yes, thank the clerks who have to endure those 24 hours of retail madness at low wages, for a min. discount.

11. Drive Safely Home !

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