Teaching Your Child about Giving Back!

I can remember telling my nieces and nephews that I wasn't giving them Christmas Gifts this year because I give them all throughout the year, and they were mortified!

In light of the recent Huricane disaster, I think this year is a great time to start to teach our children the importance of "Giving Back."

Instead of not giving your child anything for Christmas, we start by evaluating their Christmas list and telling them that one item from the list will be donated to the American Red Cross or another reputable charity.

Or you can make a day out of it. Let them know explicitly that part of what they are going to buy is for charity. When you get to the stores have them pick out a toy for another child, or blanket or a pair of slippers, if you go food shopping, again have them choose an item for the family member.

When you go home, you can have them assist you in packaging the items for the charity. This is a great way for them to start to begin to have empathy for others, and teaching them about how to be compassionate for others.

After all the joyous spirit of the holidays is to rejoice and share that good holiday cheer.

Cheers to a compassionate generation!

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