Thanksgiving Table Top/ Shopping Tips

The key to saving loads of money for the BIG DAY is to shop during the major holiday events one month before.

Break it Down:
Shop for Thanksgiving/ During Columbus Day Sales
Shop for Christmas/ During Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sales
Shop for Winter/ During MLK day sales
Shop for Spring/ During President's Day Sales
Shop for Summer/ During Mother's Day, Memorial Day and Father's Day Sales

I think you got it by now! 

Now back to the Thanksgiving tabletop.
I am not a fan of tablecloths with pumpkins and turkeys, or acorn napkin rings, and gourds for centerpieces, because it is so seasonal and after One Day/ Thanksgiving, then what are you going to do with it, it becomes non functional.

But, I couldn't resist these pumpkin mini-turneen's. So GREAT!

So, I take the colors of fall and buy functional items that I can use throughout year, this way it saves on time and money.

Wondering what I got?

3 LCD flame less lights in a orange/reddish color--the taller candles where originally $29.99 got them for 14.99
Instead of those acorn or golden leaf napkin rings, I bought dark bamboo napkin rings originally, 3.95 to 1.99
I got the gold tone tablecloth originally 44.99 for 8.99
I also bought gold tone chargers 4 for 10.00 so I always do a service for 8 so two of those and it came up to 24.00

I know lot's of gold tone's so to break it up I bought dark bamboo place mats that would bring out the gold tone's  those were 5.95

Every table needs light so I bought silver and gold tone votive for 4.95 that I put around my centerpiece.

I had a choice of runners one of which is Sangria tone and a Bamboo runner, the bamboo will compliment everything. I also bought an authentic bamboo runner, both are functional throughout the different seasons.

OK, my centerpiece-- remember a while ago when I bought the glass bowl for a Spring Gratitude Brunch, hello!

Put some rocks around the LCD Sangria color lights in the bowl, with my the votives all around the centerpiece.


Thanks Create and Barrel, Kohl's, William Sonoma, etc.

You see how everything can be used for a later time whether the votives and charger's for New Year's Eve party, the bamboo place-mats and napkin rings year around. The gold tone  linens in the summer or early fall.

The only thing that was a bank breaker were the Waterford Marquis White Wine glasses, which were 39.95 for 4 each directly from Waterford, those can be used all throughout the year as well.

I did get a "Thanksgiving" item which were 12 "thankful" place card settings, they were in gold tone because, arts and crafts is not my thing!

Table setting's DONE! Here are the results...

Thanksgiving Place Setting #2

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