Buy YOURSELF a Gift!

Tis the season and fa la la, and all that good stuff.

We are constantly reminded about the less fortunate especially around this time of year.

I believe since we live in global world, this blog is read via all corners of the world, we should assist in ways we know best to contribute to the greater good of humanity.

However, in doing so we need to learn how to start to treat ourselves a bit better, the holidays are actually a source of great pain for some, because they do not have family or in some cases, they are estranged from their families.

So, in our "buying" for others, purchase something for YOU!

Purchase something that would remind yourself that you matter as well, you are worthy of the best life possible, and if you are out in the stores and something comes over you not to buy something for a particular person, trust your intution, it never steers you wrong.

I actually, had a broken toe for several weeks, so I had to be homebound amongst all the storms, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

The first chance, that I got to go out I almost RAN! I didn't feel guilty in buying "gifts" for anyone, but I bought MYSELF the cutest, flat black shoes, which are so comfortable and goes with any outfit formal or informal, then I bought myself a gold sleveless top and a pack of trouser socks.

The shoes were my GIFT to ME to make sure that every time, I look at my wonderful comfortable shoes, I am not scarificing myself at the expense of ANYONE.

So, as my shoes are my GIFT choose that special GIFT for YOU!

Remember Tis the Season...

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