Gratitude Moment--Year End Reflections

When, we started this blog, we started it with sole purpose of putting out the best and most positive information that can help people.

However, the blog has taken shape form and we all are amazed at the response from everyone, who reads this on a daily basis. We are have been transformed because we actually practice what we believe and believe to be true.

We would like to thanks the small business owners and NGO who allowed us into their mental space to give you the best new products and services that are being offered.

We would like to thanks the outpouring of love and support that goes along with writing a blog on a monthly basis.

Preview for next year January:

1. What's Next? Making and Follow Through with New Year's Resolution.
2. Travel Corner- Jackson Hole, WY
3. Finding Your True Purpose
4. Ways to Keep Healthy This Winter
5. How to Raise Healthy and Balanced Children
6. Overcoming the Winter Blues
7. Heart Warm Soups and Stews
8. Creating Community via Tea Time
9. Learning to Leave the Past in the Past
10. How to Be a Good Friend?
11. Best Beauty Products for Winter Skin
12. Winter Fashion- Apres Ski Fashion

So, enJOY the rest of the Season, because we are and we will see you January 3, 2013!!!

In Love and Positivity,

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