How to Maintain or Lose Weight During the Holidays

It may sound "STRANGE" but, if you are committed to health, you won't allow the these 4 or 5 weeks of cheer and holiday parties get you off track with your diet.

Here are some fail proof ways to get through the holidays without going on a 5 month detox afterwards.


If you are in charge of the baking for an event, always eat a small protein based snack, either almonds or low fat cheese, BEFORE you start to bake.

Always have 3 bottles of cold water handy, cold water actually speeds up the metabolism, cools body temperatures, and satisifies hunger and thirst while cooking.

Make a small sample of your holiday dish, before serving or bringing it to a Holiday Party.  You can actually serve to your family or if you are newly dating your boyfriend/girlfriend,great way for you to get feedback before serving to the masses!

After watching Cupcake Wars and Chopped as my Sunday afternoon ritual, I volunteered to bake for  two charitable parties, does that mean I sample 3 cookies or eat a cupcake? NO!

Although, I am not a fan of children being in the kitchen, while I am cooking, they make great taste testers and they provide honest feedback.

Once again, this is a red carpet secret, many celebs eat a salad with one tablespoon for vinegar. Vinegar is great as a natural appetite suppressant. Also, if you are going over another person's home, who you know uses "nuts" and "dairy" and certain allergens that may be harmful to your children, then make certain your children eat a full meal at your house before going out.

When at holiday parties, AVOID alcohol and especially eggnog. Eggnog has over 900 calories per serving, not cool. I was have sparkling water with lemon, lemon cuts the fat in any food. I never eat the appetizers and I eat small portions of the main entree.

We all can be at three holiday parties every day from Thanksgiving to after New Year's; however, in order for the body to repair from cellular damage, take a day to relax. Even if that means, you miss a holiday party or sample sale, just turn off the phone and relax, and don't be ashamed to ask your family members if they can watch your kids, while you take an afternoon snooze.

During, the maddness, just go for a walk, connect with nature in anyway.

Lastly light a candle!

Aromatherapy is great way to lower stress levels, when you are stressed the body produces cortisol, which is hormone, too much cortisol results in gaining weight, high blood pressure, etc. You know my favorite

Don't wait till January to start to lose weight!

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