How to Schedule Time for Holiday Intimacy

You and your significant other are on a marathon race with holiday parties, shopping, charity benefits.

All of which can leave you both extremely exhausted. And the thought of sex or any intimacy before Valentine's Day is not appealing.

Couples who have the strongest relationships, know that intimacy during the holiday season is as essential to having a great relationship, as it is year around.

So what to do when you have so many commitments?

You may not be able to physically leave town, but the Four Seasons in NYC is a great way to spend a weekend together, even if you live in NYC.

Can't afford that?

Strategically create one day when both your phones, ipad's and computers; do not work. Spend some alone time at home, going over the times when you both shared your first holiday season in your bath tub together. To set the mood light a Moroccan Amber candle from NEST and fill the bath tub with Lavender and Aloe liquid soap from khiels and have the Korres Guava Body Butter ready to massage each other when you come from the bath.

Going out of Town to Visit Family?

Airport traffic is horrible during the holidays, and when you arrive at your relatives they always want to swarm around you and ask 20 questions. You and your hubs just want to have an adult beverage and relax together in a tub.

Check into a nearest hotel, near family members and tell them you are coming into town, 2 days later. This way you and yours can relax, recover from the trip and have some naughty adult time. I am NOT a fan of having sex in other people's home it is just RUDE and TACKY!

But, if you come into town two days ahead of time without them knowing you and your hubby can  have an amazing sex romp!

Cheers to find and enjoying those intimate moments during the holidays!

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