My Homage to Quality Fashion

As this year comes to close, I shared a lot, especially the value of getting a good bargain in life; however let this not be confused with CHEAP.

When something is of value it has class and elegance.

The styles that are constantly repeated are ones that add great VALUE to a person's life. Shift dresses, pedal pushers--as my grandmother would have called it- or Capri pants, pencil skirts, and sequin clothing will always be in fashion. Jackie Onassis had a closet full of the shift dress because they were classic clothing timepieces.

A great silk scarf always add a great sense of class to any outfit, so why not add value to your traditional navy blue suit and add a tasteful and colorful scarf. Many ladies of the Victorian Era, always had scarves, my other grandmother always wore a scarf, in fact her scarf and hat collection was so highly regarded, that when she died, that is the one thing many people wanted.

However, ridiculous fads like Acid Wash jeans, and ripped clothing they were the style in the 80's, but they have will never make a come back, although Guess made pretty expensive Acid Wash jeans, but it signified CHEAP, lazy, un caring. It did not add value.

Just as when I see people who buy low quality sequin clothing, rather than sequin clothing that are made from the classic cut glass, known has bugle beads. Quality sequin clothing is very heavy and when done right looks classy, not as though you are a 70's disco ball.

Quality clothing always makes a woman look sexy, without looking slutty, and as my grandmother would say "cleavage should always be reserved for your "boudoir."

Am I suggesting that you break the bank for VALUE, not by any means, however, when making purchases make wise decisions and buy classic styles.

Cheers, back to baking Holiday treats!!

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