Party for a Purpose: Fashion Fights Cancer Soiree

Fashion Fights Cancer is a non-profit group which makes up of the latest designers and trendsetters, with one goal in mind-- to eliminate cancer, bring comfort to cancer patients, and support to cancer survivors.

For several years I have covered Fashion Fights Cancer events, when they had shopping sprees events, fashion shows at the Mercedes Benz dealership on the Westside of New York.

But, last night instead of going to another "meeting" I partied with the best in the fashion world, to celebrate life and ensure to myself that I would take an active part in taking care of myself.

I do come from a family of women who have had breast cancer, and I can tell you it is no fun, seeing some die from the disease, but being POSITIVE it is all the best, when you see other family members have an inner resolve to beat the disease and live in happiness.

So, as the DJ spinned the last record, as I saw the incredible Fern Mallis and the wonderful Tamsen Fadal of WPIX News in New York, I toasted to all the survivors, all of people who refused to allow this disease to take their life.

It was a truly incredible night at The Out Hotel, I had loads of fun and if you want to know, you can contribute to this worthy organization click to this

Cheers to health!!  Ladies, don't forget to schedule your mammogram for next year!

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