A Little Taste of India

 It is 95 degrees in India right now, and it is not even 60 degrees in NYC.

So, we wanted to experience a piece of India in the Big Apple.

We found a great designer Monali G while we were out and about. The dress we love is a turquoise blue is various gradients, in a raw silk blend, the neckline was done in exquisite silver and blue trim with again in raw silk.

Amrita Singh:
She has a great choker in silver and white crystals, excellent with a black jumpsuit for the Spring and Summer.
Her famous stack bracelets are still exquisite in brass and various colors.

Shopping at Target we found the most tasty Potato Somosas- pop those into the oven.
We also picked up some Tandoori and Naan- bread.

We picked up a copy of Slumdog Millionaire- Excellent! The soundtrack is great as well.

So cheers to a fun filled Indian inspired evening!

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