Book Corner: Self- Help

We wrote an article about ditching self- help books, without realizing that some people may embark on this is journey for the first time. We apologize!

So, here are our picks:

 Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway- (the late) Susan Jeffers, Phd.
We all read this and re-read it and was able to be set free from deep rooted fears that held us back for a long time.

 The First Book by Byron Katie
This was another librating book, because often times we get so overly concerned with problems that have nothing to do with us, key point: Whose business are you in?

 My management book on Kaizen
This is the Japanese management philosophy that believes in taking small steps to a problem, celebrating the small wins in life.

Those are our picks that catapulted us, find whatever works for you!

Cheers to librating yourself!


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