High/ Low Fashion: Mixing It Up for Spring/Summer

The weather is finally beginning to break in NYC and if you really need clothes like we do because of our detox, here are our suggestions.

We found that mixing up high end and low end items you can look really fab, for a fraction of a cost.

Jeans, Jeggings, Shorts, Skinny Jeans,& Tee- Shirts
 Most people even fashion experts, can't tell the difference between high end and low end items in this category. Truth be known many people aren't paying attention to lower half of your body, until you turn around, most men like to check out the ASSets. Working out in the gym improve those not the pants.

Savings: You can buy several pairs of color denim at 15.00 a pair from Walmart, need something a little higher end then, try Joe Fresh, H&M, Kohls and Pay/Half. You will save at least 300.00 if you buy your bottoms from these stores.

For regular tee shirts, don't pay more than 10.00 for a tee shirt, they have tee-shirt bundles at Wal-Mart for 3 tee for $10.00 in this seasons colors.

You spent  50.00 on 5 pairs of your bottoms. You can splurge on great items such as blouses in this area, having a dinner party, or a high end event to go to, then check outgilt.com ornet-a-porter.com for two one of a kind blouses, make certain they are one of a kind looks, Emilo Pucci is my favorite because you, that look is so classy, yet distinct. This can be pricey but with those websites, you should be able to score big.

Depending on what the occasions is, for the daytime everyone is into the Marilyn Monroe look for summer and spring. Which consists of form fitting, black polka dot dresses with flair skirts, you can get them on sale at Macy's for less than $60.00, try Macy's on a three day sale when they offer you an extra 15%  off clothing. For one of kind items, for weddings, and bridesmaids lunches, then you should step it up and go for Nordstrom Rack, which have discounted items from the Nordstrom stores for 60% that the regular stores. Another site is hautelook.com, which is owned by Nordstrom another flash sale site, but has excellent clothing.

Jackets for this season are bold floral prints, Prabal Grung has an excellent floral jacket that is really well made for $50.00, that is something that I would buy, with a yellow silk tank and white jeans, excellent look!

Shoes are something that I don't skimp on, not only must they look good, they have to feel good as well. So, go into a reputable department store and invest in good quality shoes. Hint, you can never go wrong with a wedge!

If you can wait for Memorial Day, that's when retailers slash their prices an additional 70%, but if not check out those flash sites and many department stores have three day sales, leading up to Memorial Day.

Cheers to looking good for Spring and Summer!

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