March; Spring Cleaning

March is a great time of the year.

It is a time of year to pull out those New Year's Resolutions and see how much progress you have made, or if you need to abandon certain goals all together.

It is also a great time to open your closets get the donation boxes out and go through out your living space and donate.

My Rules for Spring Time Donation:

1. If I haven't worn it in 6 months then I am never going to wear it.

2. If my clothes are too big, weight loss goals are working, then for certain, it goes to the donation pile.

3. If there is a certain negative memory attached to the item, then it is time to go!

Spring Time Cleaning:
This is the pile that needs to go to the garbage!

1. Any beauty products that are more than 3 months old, chuck, beauty products have a self life of that long.

2. Perfumes--ever notice your favorite perfume may not have that bright smell when you first bought it, that is because it is turning. The perfume is chemically breaking down, so it may not be wise for you to keep that bottle. My rule for fragrances are if it is 6 months, time to chuck.

3. Cleaning Products- Use my 3 month rule on this as well.

Cheers to a much "lighter Spring and to the Rest of the Year!


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