NYC Get Out: Museums and Botantical Garden

My favorite museum in NYC is the Whitney Museum of American Art.

This spring they have three great exhibits:

1. Blues for Smoke:
Anyone who loves great blues and jazz music will love this exhibit. This exhibit shows the art work from Coltrane to Basquiat. The exhibit just transports us back to time where art was created in a pure form.

2. American Legends:From Calder to O'Keeffe
This is my favorite showing because it is beauty at it's best. Especially with the exhibit from my favorite artist Georgia O'Keeffe, she captured the essence of nature in flowers so well and she celebrated all forms of women.

3. Jay Defeo: A Retrospective
This collection encompasses four decades of collages, drawings, paintings, photographs, and jewelry.

OK, hop on Metro - North and go to The Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens have a great exhibit on Orchids, on Saturdays they did have cocktail hour from 6-7 at the Orchid show, excellent.

Cheers to enjoying Spring.


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