Spring or Easter Party for the Kids

Many friends I know who aren't Christian allow their children to participate in Easter Egg coloring parties, because it celebrates Spring and New Life.

Here is what you will need for the party:

2 dozen Eggs
Vegetable Based Food Coloring
Warm Water
Easter Baskets- depending on how many children
Easter Grass
Easter Candy- Every child should have experience what a Peep is once in their life.

Easter Egg Preparation:
1. In a stock pot boil all 2 dozen eggs, until it is hard boil.
2. When the eggs are cooled you should cover the table with butcher paper.
3. Have several bowls of coloring dye with 1 part vinegar, 1 part water
4. Have the child dip the eggs into the dye that he or she wishes.
5. In an egg carton let the eggs dry, have decals so the kids are clear whose eggs belong to whom.

Easter Basket Prep.
* Key note make certain that there aren't any candies that children are allergic too, such as nuts or chocolate.
Take the Easter grass and cover the base of the basket.
Take the Easter eggs and put it the basket with candies, you buy stuff toys or coloring books to put in the baskets.
Viola wonderful, colorful Easter baskets.

Cheers to wonderful Easter!


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