Spruce Up Your Love Life for Spring!

You have been hibernating for several weeks, so you need to get your bedroom in order, before one of you lose interest.

Our Tips:

1. Remove anything work related from your bedroom.
2. Have wonderful floral arrangements in your bedroom- I wake up every morning to my weekly floral arrangement.
3. Buy the best quality sheets you can afford, with a high thread count.
4. Have scents in the room that invoke love- cinnamon, amber, tuberose, citrus.
5. Hint Ladies: Men can't stand a bunch of pillows on the bed, max 4, 2 that you sleep on and the two major one to put on top the spread.
6. Choose gender neutral colors such as greens, blue and lavender.
7. No technology, including TV!

Cheers to wonderful days of love making in your spring bedroom!


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