True Weight Loss: Embrace Your Beauty

When I meet people and we get into a deep conversation, I tell them that I loss 150 lbs. three years all naturally.

They are literally amazed, then the barage of questions:
1. Did  I do Weight Watchers?
2. Jenny Craig?
3. Sensa?

Nope, I simply learned to love myself. Sounds simple but it is true, I always would get the "fat girl's compliment" you are fat but have a pretty face.

One day I went on a crusade if I am going to have "pretty face" then I am going to be the best. I scoured all the drug stores, department stores, and beauty specialty shops for the best treatments for my face.

Then, I got into scents and aromatherapy from time I awake, I want to smell the best, again I bought several shower gels that invoked smells of beauty, that transported me to tropical island, a rain forrest, etc.

Nails and feet were next, I made a lot of home potions to keep my feet and nails looking their best, then I my slight addiction came nail polish, every Monday-is Mani- Monday for me. I also bought a foot bath and give feet a good soak and scrub and polish. Yumm!

My Hair:
Researched the best products for my hair- love Argan Oil and Macademia Shampoo. With seasonal rinses for my hair to keep it looking healthy.

My Environment:
Love Method Products, cleanses great without the harsh toxins of most cleaners, keep a window open to allow fresh air to circulate, always keep fresh flowers available.

By the time I focused on embracing my beauty, I noticed I lost 60 lbs. then I began with diet, but not with neuroric calorie counting, I just ate what agreed with my body. I am now a vegan and it works well for me.

I started by doing as much house work as I could, so if that meant only taking out the garbage at first, that is what I did, then it progress to 15 min., 20 min., and 30 min. Do what is right for your body, and if you can only walk down the steps at first then do it.

My Key Take Away's:
1. Only change your lifestyle because you love yourself to the point, where you know you want to be healthy for YOU!!
2. Embrace Positive Change- Losing weight increases fertility, increases sex drive, strengthens the heart, lower your rates for cancer, diabetes, miscarriages, and heart disease.
3. Embrace Change- You may have to cut some people, some people feel safe having the "fat friend or sibling," the eyes are all on them, once you make significant changes, these people become threaten, let them go, they would always try to undermind or discount any progress you have made.

Cheers to LOVING YOU!!!!!!!!

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