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The Key to Success: Rising Above Failure

Here are some key tips to for everyone to refer to as they move forward toward their goals:

Key #1: Expect People to Laugh and Humiliate You
I distinctly remember reading in the book  By Invitation Only by the Founders of Gilt, when they went to pitch VC on the importance of their business that one person laughed at the idea, another potential investor put the phone on mute and did financial analysis for another client, then when they joined the conference call referred to them as the previous client.

Key#2: Be Overprepared
People don't trust people, key fact. So when a potential investor or employe asks for a simple plan, always be prepared to give them more than what they asked, people who are curious and who want to potential invest will ask questions, they will test you with different scenarios, think Game Theory 101.

Key#3: Accept Honest Feedback:
When someone gives you honest feedback such as we want you to work on a prototype or we you to show us how you will sustain revenu…

Foodie Friday: Grilled Tandoori Chicken

One of my favorite dishes in the world is Tandoori Chicken, it is flavorful, but not overbearingly spicy.

Here's my take on Tandoori Chicken:

Spice Blend:
Chili Powder
Smoked Paprika
3 cloves of Garlic
2 Bay Leaves
5 Springs of Thyme
1/4 cup of Olive Oil

Blend all of the spices into a blender.

Take organic chicken wash in lemon juice and vinegar

Coat the chicken with the Spice Blend until chicken is completely saturated

Take a glass baking pan dice fresh veggies: green peppers, onions and tomatos with olive oil and put the chicken on top of the veggies.

Bake for 40 min until chicken is well done, then for a smoky grilled taste put the chicken on the grill till you see grill marks.

Take the veggies and the pan drippings with mint and 1/3 cup of yogurt and blend well.

When the chicken has grill marks pour the yogurt sauce over the chicken.

Put olive oil on pita bread and toast the bread on the grill.

When the pita is crispy, then remove from the grill

Serve Tandoori chicken with pit…

Looking for a Job in Tech? Try These ..

Microsoft recently laid off 18,000 people worldwide, the financial sector is constantly doing layoffs.

So how does a person land a good paying job, especially in the area of technology?

Many technical founders need people with great transferrable skills, such as marketing and PR, finance, project management, etc. so where to find these jobs?

1. AngelList--This is a resource that has key positions from well funded startups nationally.

2. VC's-- After a funding rounds many VC companies will post jobs from the companies that they fund. Want to consult in a VC firm? Go to pitch competitions where VC's are judges.

3. Co-Working Spaces-- Many co-working spaces nationally have companies that are looking to hire quality people.

4. Accelerator Programs-- Yes many accelerator programs such as Dream It will allow a floater to join a team if they have certain business qualifications.

5. Check out business incubators at your local universities, become a mentor to a startup and when an open…

Key to Successful Businesses: Embrace the Underdog

As the 2010 explosion of new businesses comes new ways of doing business.

There are many companies who are successful in raising funding to keep up with rise of the demand of businesses.

Many mature companies have also seen rise in their digital and print readership when the media industry is in a total decline.

So how does a lifestyle company like Birchbox have over 7million customers and had to open up a 2,000 square foot store in NYC's prime real estate.

And how did Conde Nast bounce back from the lawsuit filed by former interns. Simple they embraced the underdog.

When most people think of bloggers, notions of slackers come to mind or people who have shopping addictions that selfie's of their purchases.

However, the Founders of Birchbox noticed early on bloggers even those who have 400 unique views, those are 400 potential customers.

So I can remember going to several events when that company just started and they had the equivalent of focus groups and would reward blogger…

Many Streams of Joy

Since the housing market collaspe of 2008 and the massive layoff, which still continue to happen, many people have such a strong identity to their jobs and even to recreational actitivities.

I thought about why people are so devasted when they lose their job in particular.

Too many people identify our livilhoods with who we are as people, the first thing at any Manhattan cocktail party people will ask you: "What do you do?" Who do you work for? and Where did you go to school?, then they will ask you out on date.

But, why does our resume define who we are and why should it?

Of course our careers should bring us joy and happiness, but outside of the world of work, we should cultivate other sources of joy.
I love home entertaining and being a great home chef- That brings me joy.
I love connecting people with information and resources, so I created a Mom Newsletter for my neighbors.- That brings me joy.
I love to sit outside and read the paper in the morning. That brings me immense joy…

Ten Things to Do In Williamsberg, NY

Willamsberg is home to a vibrant technology hub and 10 to do while in the "Berg."

1. Brooklyn Brewery is home to the finest craft ales around. You do have to buy "beer coins" to purchase beer and they do have walking tours. Second, Friday Nights you can "Order In" which means you can order a pitcher of there finest and have food delivered to you at the Brewery as you make new friends, all the tables are like pinic style benches, which fosters community.

2. Chocolate!! Everyone Woman Craves a Little Piece of Chocolate.
Mast Chocolates: You can find Mast Chocolates at finer retailers, I have the cookbook that I bought from Crate and Barrel last year. They also have walking tours of the factory and samples as well. You take home a box of there delious chocolates.

3. Brooklyn Bowl:
Brooklyn Bowl is a hip place for people to hang out have a beer and pizza and battle for bragging rights. This place is for the unprentious hipster who happens to just close a de…

The Real Reason Why You Didn't Get the Woman or Man

Many people are surprised when they find out certain celebrities are still single or their model looking girl or guy friends are still single.

Upon my observations the real reasons why certain people attract toxicity and repel goodness are the following.

1. Over Estimating your looks.
I know this sounds crazy, but their are people who solely count on their physical appearance to get whatever they want in life. In watching the show Dating Naked, the goregous woman knew she had the looks and played into the awe of her good looks to try to snag the person that she wanted.
In the end the guy told her you are the most beautiful person here, but I am tired of playing games and I don't want to chase you.

2. Underestimating the Power of Character:
Many people believe to stomp on people, steal one's ideas, and spread heinous gossip about a person is cool. People will listen because it is entertaining, they may even laugh at your antics; however in the back of their mind they are thinki…


You can wear a 10 dollar dress, but it all how you Accesorize, which is important.

Headed to the Beach?

We realized that the H and M has great buys, especially if you donate a piece of clothing you get 15 per cent off coupon
This is what we got!

Foodie Friday: Homeade Ice Cream Sandwichs

Every year we do our take on a ice cream sandwhich.

Vanilla and Salty Caramel Ice Cream Sandwhich

1. Take vanilla cookie mix make cookies as instructed except add cinnamon to the batter.
2. Buy Dulce de Leche Ice cream from Hagen Daz.
3. Mix Plain caramel sauce with kosher salt and freeze til frozen.

1. Take cooled cookies
2. But the ice cream between the two cookies
3. Break up the frozen salted caramel mixture.
Take the ice cream filled cookies and roll them in the salted caramel crumble.

Freeze again til time to eat.

Cheers to an awesome summer treat!

July's Beauty Spot

Here are the products that we LOVE!

1. Refresh Acne Regimen
With the summer high temps., we needed notice breakouts as though we were teens.
This three steps all natural product make from Willow Bark is great and we saw amazing results!
1. Daily Acne Wash that is mild enough to use daily without drying out skin.
2. 5 Minute Mask that is amazing because it is foam based.
3. Leave on serum that one can wear that is great.
Kudos to this product and for the kit it is 14.95.
Purchased this at Duane Reade

2. Pedicure Set
This set comes with a packet of three 1. Scrub-exfolitator, 2. Mask, 3. Lotion
The scent is a great lemon, leaves our toes and feet feeling great!
Purchased at our friends at Birchbox.

3. Castille Soap--Lavendar Scent
This soap leaves your skin feeling great yet very clean. Use as your daily shower gel.

Cheers to having great skin and feeling great in the summer heat!


Wandering Eye: Power of Focus

Ever think you need a career change, so you start to take classes in culinary arts, then to find you can't butcher meat correctly, then you love fashion, but can't draw so you get a job as a fashion merchandiser, then your friend wants you to co-found a fashion tech business, but you don't know a thing about coding and you find yourself in Code Academy...

Get the picture most of us will get on the band wagon if something looks appealing, or if it is something novel, but how many of us truly focus and devote ourselves to one thing.

It is something that I found myself doing, I love to write and I am knowledgeable about different things because as a writer, I get invited to interesting things and meet wonderful people.

However, if I were to use the "wandering eye" would I have been invited to so many wonderful events or even have the nerve to apply for press passes for certain events? Nope.

I have been writing for years in August it will make two years since we lau…

Cocktail Anyone

Summer is here and that means a nice refreshing cocktail.Here's what we came up with:
Watermelon Slush
Blend watermelon slices with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
Freeze till the consistency of an slush.
Enjoy in Maragrita Glasses.Plum Saki
Take ripe plums and peel them
Blend them with one part plum wine to one park Saki.
Strain and serve chilled.Fuzzy Navel
This was the drink of the 90's.
Take peaches that are a little overipe.
Blend Peach Schnapps
Strain and serve chilled.Cheers to a refreshing summer!

Affordable Glam

Summer is here! Some of us have to attend business meetings and soirees.This is what we found:
3 basic dresses that you can accessorize for the occasion.3 dresses all came under 50.00 thanks to Kohl 's Summer Dress Sales.Accessories came from Forever 21, H&M,Alexis Bittar.Cheers to affordable glam.

Psychology Today and Technology

Everyone is technology crazed of course we are given the fact that is how we communicate all time.

However the most insightful articles that I read about technology have been in Psychology Today.

One very interesting article is about startups, in NYC go down to any co-working space in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Long Island City, it is packed with people coding away or developing business plans for a startup to revlotutionize the world.

Many people are dreaming of a major "exit." An exit is when the founder or co-founder sells the business for a grand sum of money it can go anywhere from 20 million to 19 billion. However as the article in Psychology Today points out when companies exit, they often create an unstable work environment.

Employees who choose to work for startups love that they are working on something new, innovative and often don't have the strings of ridgity of a traditional business. So when the founders sell or exit the employees feel betrayed and productivi…

Foodie Friday: July 4th Menu

We're Back with a tasty July 4th Menu:

Moroccan Spiced Fried Chicken

Italian Sauage with Charred Onion Relish

Traditional Texas Styled Baby Back Ribs

Grilled Corn

Cole Slaw

Limeade with Watermelon Cubes

Dessert :
Brownies and Vanilla Ice Cream
Pineapple and Blueberries with Mint Syrup

Mocorran Spiced Fried Chicken:
Organic Chicken Thighs- washed them with vinegar and water
Spices: Cumin, Chilli Powder, Salt and Fresh Thyme
Juice of one Whole Lemon
Marinade the night before with spices and lemon juice
Day of Event: Dredge in Flour with Salt and Pepper
Fry Chicken in Hot Oil for 15 min. til crispy

Italian Sauasge replaces Hot Dogs
Rinse well and par boil then grill til well done
Charred Onion Relish:
Charred a whole onion on the grill, cool then dice it, mix with sweet relish and ketchup
Serve on hot dog buns

Texas Style Baby Back Ribs
We cheated and ordered ours from Corky's BBQ from QVC

Betty Crocker Box Mix(2 Boxes) mix in Dulce de Leche with Chocolate
Serve Warm wit…