Looking for a Job in Tech? Try These ..

Microsoft recently laid off 18,000 people worldwide, the financial sector is constantly doing layoffs.

So how does a person land a good paying job, especially in the area of technology?

Many technical founders need people with great transferrable skills, such as marketing and PR, finance, project management, etc. so where to find these jobs?

1. AngelList--This is a resource that has key positions from well funded startups nationally.

2. VC's-- After a funding rounds many VC companies will post jobs from the companies that they fund. Want to consult in a VC firm? Go to pitch competitions where VC's are judges.

3. Co-Working Spaces-- Many co-working spaces nationally have companies that are looking to hire quality people.

4. Accelerator Programs-- Yes many accelerator programs such as Dream It will allow a floater to join a team if they have certain business qualifications.

5. Check out business incubators at your local universities, become a mentor to a startup and when an opening arises, you never know.

Cheers to landing a great job with a startup!

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