Many Streams of Joy

Since the housing market collaspe of 2008 and the massive layoff, which still continue to happen, many people have such a strong identity to their jobs and even to recreational actitivities.

I thought about why people are so devasted when they lose their job in particular.

Too many people identify our livilhoods with who we are as people, the first thing at any Manhattan cocktail party people will ask you: "What do you do?" Who do you work for? and Where did you go to school?, then they will ask you out on date.

But, why does our resume define who we are and why should it?

Of course our careers should bring us joy and happiness, but outside of the world of work, we should cultivate other sources of joy.
I love home entertaining and being a great home chef- That brings me joy.
I love connecting people with information and resources, so I created a Mom Newsletter for my neighbors.- That brings me joy.
I love to sit outside and read the paper in the morning. That brings me immense joy.
Of course I love to laugh so when I go to comedy shows. That brings me another sense of joy.
When I take the subways and there is a new Mom with a toddler, I would wave at the toddler, the toddler waves back. Another level of joy.
I realize the more layers of joy we cultivate the more our careers becomes not as significant, if a layoff, buyout, or partner backstabbing you happens, then that really doesn't matter because you have cultivated so many layers of joy that your career does not become your Identity!
Cheers to creating the many streams of JOY in your life!

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