Ten Things to Do In Williamsberg, NY

 Willamsberg is home to a vibrant technology hub and 10 to do while in the "Berg."

1. Brooklyn Brewery is home to the finest craft ales around. You do have to buy "beer coins" to purchase beer and they do have walking tours. Second, Friday Nights you can "Order In" which means you can order a pitcher of there finest and have food delivered to you at the Brewery as you make new friends, all the tables are like pinic style benches, which fosters community.

2. Chocolate!! Everyone Woman Craves a Little Piece of Chocolate.
Mast Chocolates: You can find Mast Chocolates at finer retailers, I have the cookbook that I bought from Crate and Barrel last year. They also have walking tours of the factory and samples as well. You take home a box of there delious chocolates.

3. Brooklyn Bowl:
Brooklyn Bowl is a hip place for people to hang out have a beer and pizza and battle for bragging rights. This place is for the unprentious hipster who happens to just close a deal with a leading VC.

4. McCarren Park:
This was the place this June for the Vh1 Make the Band competition. This park is huge and if you want to take Fido for a run, this is just the place. Also, if you want to catch some rays this is the place as well.

5. Wythe Hotel:
This is an uber chic Hotel, step inside and you would feel as though you are in any W Hotel in Manhattan. The rooftop has panoramic views of Manhattan and the cocktails are great. Also, if you need a perfect brunch spot I highly recommend the leek and goat cheese omlet. Don't get too freaked out if you go into the bathroom and see a person from the opposite sex, they have unisex bathrooms.

6. Pies and Thighs:
As a Food Network junkie, this place was featured and of course I had to try it out. The chicken biscuit is awesome, chicken breast with honey mustard and a drizzle of hot sauce, and the pies--key lime and berry so awesome. Must try....

7. Brooklyn Flea Market
On Sundays you can get anything from Vintage Clothing to the newest designer who literally designed his own clothes and handbags from his friend loft. Flowers from furniture the Flea is a totally a persons paradise.

8. The Nordic Word for Buffet: ( I can't spell it!)
This is a foodies paradise! Several food items that have made it to the catalogs of Dean and DeLuca and Williams Sonoma came from this place, you can get authentic Swedish pickled herring, Pigs in the Blanket, and Crepes with Nutella from this place, which is totally awesome.

9. Co-Working Spaces: Several Co- Working Spaces have cropped up in this town trying to beat Manhattan rents, you can be the next Etsy, which was started out of a loft somewhere, where the co-founders bartnered rent until they became profitable, true story but the landlord walked away with 10 million dollars, company now earns 2 billion a year.

10. The famous G train, transportation to these places are so accessible by the G train.

Cheers to venturing into Hipster territory!

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