The Key to Success: Rising Above Failure

Here are some key tips to for everyone to refer to as they move forward toward their goals:

Key #1: Expect People to Laugh and Humiliate You
I distinctly remember reading in the book  By Invitation Only by the Founders of Gilt, when they went to pitch VC on the importance of their business that one person laughed at the idea, another potential investor put the phone on mute and did financial analysis for another client, then when they joined the conference call referred to them as the previous client.

Key#2: Be Overprepared
People don't trust people, key fact. So when a potential investor or employe asks for a simple plan, always be prepared to give them more than what they asked, people who are curious and who want to potential invest will ask questions, they will test you with different scenarios, think Game Theory 101.

Key#3: Accept Honest Feedback:
When someone gives you honest feedback such as we want you to work on a prototype or we you to show us how you will sustain revenue streams in the future, to as people advise and keep them abreast to your progress. Even if they can't help they will be more than willing to make a referral to anyone who is humble and takes and improves their product or business.

Key#4: Be Prepared to Pivot:
Pivoting is not giving up but it is stating that this is line of business is not for me at this time.

Key#5: Remain Visible Even After A Setback:
Ever notice after a scandal a celebrity and poltician still keeps in the limelight, they don't hide, people who run and hide after a setback shows that they don't have the power to rise among adversity, everyone admires people who are courageous.

Key#6: Show Restraint:
Even when someone is bad mouthing you or giving you a hard time, never give into negativity. I remember someone telling me that you will never get fired or loose a contract by being nice.

Cheers those are the keys to rising above failure!

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