Wandering Eye: Power of Focus

Ever think you need a career change, so you start to take classes in culinary arts, then to find you can't butcher meat correctly, then you love fashion, but can't draw so you get a job as a fashion merchandiser, then your friend wants you to co-found a fashion tech business, but you don't know a thing about coding and you find yourself in Code Academy...

Get the picture most of us will get on the band wagon if something looks appealing, or if it is something novel, but how many of us truly focus and devote ourselves to one thing.

It is something that I found myself doing, I love to write and I am knowledgeable about different things because as a writer, I get invited to interesting things and meet wonderful people.

However, if I were to use the "wandering eye" would I have been invited to so many wonderful events or even have the nerve to apply for press passes for certain events? Nope.

I have been writing for years in August it will make two years since we launched Positivexpert, but before that for two years I wrote for other blogs, I studied film and television writing, wrote screenplays and pilots, and when Facebook came out every day I wrote the Positive Quote of the Day.

Get it!!! My focus on writing has allowed me to create a wonderful international community of people who crave different yet interesting information. However, I would not have had the success that I have if after 3 months I went to launch my own beauty business, or men's line, etc. It is all about the power of focus and how achieving your goals is strictly on focus.

Cheers to those who focus!

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