Anti-Inflamation Diets Really Do Work!

So, I wanted to see what the hype of eating an anti-inflammatory diet was all about since, I still have the 50 lbs. to lose.

I read about the benefits of turmeric, ginger, no red meat, dairy, soda, no salt, or even certain fruits.

Then, I was waiting on line in an ethnic grocery store where someone told me to drink grated turmeric and ginger tea and stop eating red meat, the woman actually put the whole turmeric root in my basket.

So, out of necessity, I began to eat organic turkey and chicken and only season it with turmeric, Hungarian smoked paprika, and ginger. If I ate rice it would throw in some ground turmeric and chives.

Then, I drank nothing but water, still having some sweets but not a lot. I mean water became my best friend that I had to run to BJ's three times a month for cases of water and coconut water as well.

Did I lose a ton of weight. No, but here is what happened...

1. My blood pressure was stabilized

2. The marker to see if you are diabetic or not dropped 8 points.

3. My cholesterol dropped 45 points

4. Plus, I lost 4 inches off my waist.

This is without me working out, another person told me just do yoga and meditate, you can then lose all the weight you want.

I am now going to try to do both of them with a non-profit.

Does a anti-inflammatory diet work?
For myself it works wonders, now is the yoga and meditation along with eliminating even chicken.

Of course you must check with your doctor before starting any regimen, but for me it works wonders!

Cheers to good health!!

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