Effective Networking: Win/ Win for both

Here are some effective networking tips for business, church, children's school, etc.

When you see someone who is doing something that you would love to do or want take a time out and just know this person had to go through a lot to fulfill their dream or goals.

1. Approach people who you truly care about and see yourself inviting them to your home for dinner.

2. People detect insincerity and if they have given you information and you are intentions or motives are not pure, that is the last time they would ever do anything for you again.

3. If you need information from someone, invite them out and don't play mental games or ask questions and then imply you can do the same thing, no you can't or you would already be doing it.

4. If they are in a negative space don't engage or feed there story because when they come out of that negative head space after they have given you information, they realize your insincerity, you took advantage of them and would never give you anything again.

5. Don't take advantage of anyone who is grieving, had a major loss within the last two years, grief makes people sign up for committees and give people they would never associate with in a million years information and contacts and when they come out of there grieving process, they realize that you took advantage of them. Karma...


1. Have your own vision for your life, your own goals and show people in a sit down formal setting what you have done so far to advance your own agenda.

2. Be specific... I am working on this project and I need...

3. Be humble... I know you work in this area, I have no area of expertise can you assist me.

4. Time is money... offer to pay them, pick up the tab if you going out for lunch, a donation, or ask specifically what can you for them...

5. Follow- Up with a thank you note and progress report, thanks based on your information I was able to ...

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated with be around sincere people, before you pick up the phone or send an e-mail or agree to go to an event, think about your intentions.

Cheers to effective networking!

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