9-11 Day to Remember the Survivors

It is the eve that changed the landscape of United States and the world as we know it, our country was invaded and thousands of lives were lost.

We may know of someone who was in Tower 1 or Tower 2 or someone walking by who was hit by falling debris, that ended their life. 

I speak as a personal survivor of that day who was by series of "miracles" was spared, but still was injured to remember and say a pray for the survivors.

Say a pray for the children who will never have their mother or father send them off to high school, college, or dance that first dance at their wedding. Say a pray for the surviving first responders who still need therapy to clear their lungs.

Say a prayer for the mothers and fathers who was waiting for a call from their child who was eager and happy to get that "corporate" job, but after days realized that as the wind of change blew through Manhattan and this country, carrying papers, debris, that wind also carried their child's ashes.

Say a prayer for those who still can't take the NYC Subway into Manhattan and those who fled the state entirely, only to find terror in--Aurora, CO Texas A&M, and Virgina State.

As the United States has embraced so many survivors of different types of wars through out the world, let us for this day take care of our fellow Americans.

May the light of the "angels" in NYC, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania continue to shine, let us find ways to strengthen each other.


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