Back to School Savings & End of Summer Clearance

If you are me like me, loving a good deal, but then it is, the end of summer? So why should I buy this season's clothes again?

One good reason, WINTER. Yup, in order to take advantage of the Winter Specials for the Carribean and some parts of Mexico, it is always good to take your summer clearance clothes. I remember when, I was offered a trip to the Yucatan in February, I had to buy spring/summer clothes, which was at top dollar. Lesson learned stock up on those Maxi dresses, tanks, and wedges so when your honey plans that February trip to St. Thomas, you will be prepared.

OK, when I got the paper I was flooded with Back to School savings circulars. So, which stores measures up for school and office supplies? Target, Walmart, or Staples. Back to  School sales actually start in the second week of August, and I was able to get 5 glossy presentation folders for 5.99, 5 1 subject notebooks for $1.00 and a box of Bic pens for 3.99. All of this for under $25.00, yes I stock up business supplies during this time as well.

The same things in Target was at least $10.00 more, same thing for Walmart. Also, when you go during the last week of summer it is often crowded and you are getting the last of the best of the school supplies. Something to think about for next year....

So in this case, Staples comes out a winner!

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