Eyes Are the Keys to Soul: What are you wearing on your lids?

We are finally in the thick of Fashion Week in NYC. And all the wonderful creativity in terms of make up that is in the air.

So, we have our choice in nail polish, lip gloss, and now eyeshadow!

 Which eyeshadow will give you the best for your dollar and last six months.

Health tip all makeup needs to be discarded after six months, chemically it starts to break down and if you don't use a anti-bacterial spray for your brushes, which you should, a good one can be bought at sephora.com, or you can be headed for disaster.

Anyway, eyeshadow defines and opens you eyes, this season is all about color at night.

Today I chose three few different brands all for different reasons, you should consider.

The high end brand I recommend Chanel, yeah I know a bank breaker for some, but it is excellent in that it has a silicon base, products that have a silicon base, will not get into your skin, they will stay on the surface of your skin, but it does have a long lasting effect. 

Any high end department store will have it, the Chanel beauty counter at bloomingdales.com is wonderful. They have the best customer service.

For a longer lasting pigment, I highly recommend M-A-C because when I apply my eyeshadow in the morning, I am still getting compliments on it by the end of the day. Great value for the price point and if you have a special event, M-A-C make- up artist will do your makeup with a purchase of $75.00. And I have witnessed miracle transformations...

OK, lastly, I have chosen nakedcosemetics.net, yup! NAKED the eyeshadow blends well with all skin tones and has a longer lasting effect, great for the office, job interviews, and running errands.

So, those are my picks for eye shadows! Horray for NAKED by Urban Decay, you can pick it up at sephora.com

Cheers and continue to enjoy Fashion Week!

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