My Picks for Upscale Food: Online Buys

OK, couple of posts ago, I did mention that I would give my picks for "Luxury Food" Items.

These sites are great for the person who is extremely busy or the person who is "Culinary Challenged."

I can see this why this site has won awards for the best "luxury food" for years. This summer, my parents had several house guests that specific tastes, but with Dean and Deluca I was able to order, just about everything that satisfied their guests.

For the guests that only ate Seafood and Vegetables- I ordered lobster flatbread, crabcakes, roasted vegetable medley,  mushroom ravioli and a zucchini and onion ravioli. They loved everything!
Summer dessert pick for these guest were a Berry Galezeta--which was a fresh berry torte that was low in sugar.

Another group of Guests- No dietary restrictions, so I order the famous Roasted Potato Salad, that  was the equivalent of eating a loaded potato skin, they loved it! For an entree I personally cooked BBQ chicken using the Dean and DeLuca spice rub with BBQ sauce on the side, and the 12 layer cream cheese biscuits, and for dessert the famous Dean and Deluca brownies. They loved the meal had all the leftovers and enjoyed their stay.

Last set of guest was health conscious-- Their menu was Oat Bran pancakes, salmon that I bought from the fishmarket with Dean and Deluca's raspberry vinegar, and vegetable pot pies  with spring rolls all from Dean and Deluca. For dessert they wanted seasonal fruit.


I bought so many items from this site I think I can write reviews on most items.
Last year, my mother was ill and I didn't know if she was able to go to my sister's for their annual Thanksgiving Dinner, so I order Thanksgiving Dinner from Gilt Taste, they really blew me away with the quality and quantity of food, which made me a believer and a loyal customer.

 Then Mother's Day Came and I ordered a Danish Breakfast Ring and Maple Bacon Sausage, my mother is a bread and jam person, so Sarabeth's medley of six jams came in perfect for my mother.

In June, let's go to my gratitude celebration, I order the Poussin Organic chickens for entree this I cooked myself, appetizers were: mini cheeseburgers, mini eggplant pizzas, Bobby Sue's Mixed Nuts, 1/2 case of Prosecco, two Lady M crepe cakes, and Spring Macaroons from Mad Mac's.

Everything was superb!

It is a holiday tradition to buy those world famous croissants from them and since it is the fall try the pecan pumpkin butter.

I know HSN?? If you can't get to an Italian Bakery, such as the world famous Ferrara's, then you should check out this site. I was able to get their famous cake for a friend's birthday.

Happy Shopping... Click, click...

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