No Time for Creativity? Pottery Barn Maybe the Answer

Once again, the fall begins the season of entertaining commences as well.

Even if you use an event planner, the first thing that we ask our clients is what is your vision for the event?

A good event planner wants to learn as much about the client as possible to plan accordingly to their clients taste and budget, and the one thing a good professional doesn't want to do is disappoint their client.

Many excellent event planners will tell you that most frustrating thing is not having a client's clear vision of the event.

So, what do you do? I recommend a couple of things...

1. Any Carolyn Rohemn book is wonderful, to stir the imagination and for practicality.

2. Preston Bailey is the king of the ultimate fantasy event, he can transform any space into a work of art. My favorite design of his was a Winter Wonderland Wedding that he did years ago, that was simply breathtaking. His books can be purchased online at

3. Culinary Schools-- Many reputable culinary schools do have student/ alumni referral programs. Many culinary schools are the best bet, in full disclosure one of my sister's is a Certified Professional Chef with a B.A in Culinary and Restaurant Management. Culinary school alumni are not only are  taught classical French cuisine, beverage selection, costing menu's, but she had to take an entire course on LINEN! I know intense an entire course in linen.

4. DIY-- Click, Click-- Pottery Barn
I was scouring the web one day and came across Pottery Barn! On the Pottery Barn website they actually have ideas with videos on how to plan just about every event, from a Seaside event, Game Night, Bridal Showers, Thanksgiving, etc.

This is a great way to get ideas and to stop, pause, they even have recipes of course from there vendors, but if you don't have the time to wait for the books, or make an appointment to visit your town's culinary school. this is by far the best.

Happy Planning!

Click, click..

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