Simple Ways to De-Stress

Let's Take A Break from Click, Click

OK, most of us are not going to have the luxury of going to Tibet to mediate with the monks, or spend a month in India learning from yogis. But, we can do simple things to enhance our moods and de-stress.

I firmly believe in aromatherapy, that is why we wrote an article on candles.
There is something about coming into a citrus scented room, for energy there is eucalyptus, and earthly tones to invoke the presence of nature.

If we can’t get to the country anytime soon, we can look at pictures and visualize you one with nature, whether it is on a country English estate, or the Rocky Mountains, connecting with something that reminds of us pure beauty centers the soul. I would suggest that you create a slide show, with your favorite places, or flowers, plants, or even animals.

Meditation is the key in releasing all mental toxicity. You don’t need to go to formal class, or chant, or ring bells. Steps to meditation- lie down, in a comfortable room, and do deep breathes, and let all of your concerns and fears go, surrender every concern to what is a higher power for you. It is a proven fact that people who were diagnosed with high blood pressure, who mediated at least three times a week, maintained a significantly lower blood pressure than those who didn’t.

Affirmations are the key to centering your inner self. You can create your own, affirmation-
“I am healthy and peaceful.” The right opportunities are coming my way right now.
You can use your  sacred text or a Great Book to get you started is: Experience Your Good Now! Louise Hay, this book gives you a practical outline for every situation.

Avoid Negativity
There are certain things we can’t ignore some cuts off in traffic, annoying co-workers, but the best piece of advice, I was given was not to absorb people’s energy. If someone is angry and out of control, you don’t have to feed into it, simply let them vent, while you silently affirm that you are not them and their energy. 

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