Tea Time- Harney & Sons

As the fall and winter seasons approach, those of us in colder climates look for beverages to keep us warm and toasty, besides our cup Java or hot chocolate.

I came across this wonderful tea shop and supplier of teas Harney& Sons, and they are wonderful.

Harney and Sons was founded in 1983 in Millerton, NY and they have a shop in SoHo and give wonderful educational seminars about different teas and the regions the specific region of that tea.

My favorites are Green Tea with Coconut & Ginger, Red Raspberry, Peppermint, they also have teas you can brew specifically for Ice Tea my favorite out those are passion fruit sweeten with agave nectar, absolutely delish.

Also, if you need a little cooling off -- I highly recommend the Taste Nirvana-- Coconut Water, which is imported from Thailand and has half the sugar of some of the rest of the other coconut waters on the market.

Then there is Bruce Cost Ginger Ale-- This is organic Ginger Ale, if you have ever been to the Caribbean and had "Ginger Beer", you can serve this to your Caribbean friends and really wouldn't know the difference.

I just got the Fall Catalog and they have teamed up with celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelson to create a line of Ambessa teas, which I am looking forward to trying.

The products are great, shipping costs are accurate, but the service is first- class, they are polite and friendly, and I have never had a negative interaction with anyone associated with this company.

This is why I would always be a loyal customer of Harney and Sons.

So, for a after work pick me up, or a lazy day at home cozy up to up of your favorite Harney and Sons tea.

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