The Best Day Spa: The Red Door Spa

While it is my ultimate goal to go to Mirval Spa in Arizona. 

I have found one spa that really "takes the cake" in terms of ambiance and the best in customer service. 

Several years ago, I thought I would treat my parent's to his and her day at the Red Door Spa, 5th Avenue flagship spa in Manhattan, but that didn't work out so they told me to use the gift certificates.

So, I booked several services starting with a message, facial, nails and feet and finished it off with a makeup refresher.

Yeah, I was there for the entire day, but that experience alone made me a customer for life.

Was it because it was on 5th Avenue? Did I meet a celeb? 

No, no and nope! Several years ago I was obese and I was expecting less than stellar treatment from them, but that never happened.

The woman who gave me my message, knocked out every knot I had since ten years ago, she did not mention my weight, and I never felt bad about myself. 

Also, the waiting area was extremely relaxing, water, tea, and cranberry juice.

One good tip after a message you should always drink water this flushes out the toxins, that have been broken down during the message.

The facial, they exfoliated, and steamed my face so well, yet gentle that I didn't have any soreness or redness, and I looked radiant.

My favorite mani/pedi is the warm cream, they literally put warm cream on your feet and hands and do a quick message before applying the polish, excellent!

Lastly, the makeup refresher, the make-up artist who created a work of art with my face, told me about what type of colors would compliment my skin tone and under tones.

I know what about the MEN?? 

When I went there were several couples there as well as men, who were not "models."

In fact, I am so in love with this spa , that when I went to Atlantic City for a quick getaway, I booked a warm cream mani/pedi and it was delightful. 

My technician took great care of me, with cucumber and lemon water and warm cinnamon scented neck rest delightful. In fact the pedicure, was so relaxing that I fell asleep.

So, for a splurge for start of fall, the holidays, and the start of summer, I give you permission to a wonderful treat at The Red Door Spa.

Happy Spa Day!

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