The Keys to Intimacy- It's Not What You Think

I wanted to change it up a bit and focus on frugal ways to intimacy.

I know why the divorce rate is extremely high in this country, not that I have ever been married, but we do everything in a microwave way including dating. In today's world by the 4th date, we are planning our wedding date and going to our lawyers for the prenup, but as I reflect on the best dates after the 5th date was some of the things that literally cost nothing at all.

Once you get past a certain phase in dating, then you should spend as much time with that person as possible. 

Frugality Tip Number One-- A Walk in the Park.

One of my best dates was while I was living in Philadelphia, and the walks in Rittenhouse Square Park with my ex-boyfriend. We would spend hours on a certain bench e talking or sometimes not speaking and playing silly games like what squirrel was going to be first to catch the acorn. It was also those times that we spent just really clearing our head from worldly madness.

Frugality Tip Number Two--Watching Television
Thursday Night-- Was not bar night for us, but TV night for us, and I truly enjoyed just watching television with my ex. We would switch one week, we would watch my show, the other week, we would watch his show. It was cool because you can a learn a lot from a person by the TV shows, they watch.

It was while we were watching the MTV awards, my ex pointed out my love for writing, comedy, and the arts. At one point he said "Stop working at the firm and take a comedy or writing class, you are more talented than number crunching." Strangely years later, I followed his advice and now I have a professional certificate in film and television. No, I don't break down a TV show or film, when I'm watching with anyone.

Frugality Tip Number Three--Pamper Night

No it's not what you think, if your significant other is having a hard day or week, instead of your demands, then give them a treat. One day, I was so exhausted and my week was horrible, so my ex told me to go into the bathroom, and he closed the door and left.  To my surprise, I was treated to a warm bubble bath with rose petals and candles, with a note saying that things will get better and a pair of warm pajamas. After, my bath he continued to work on his project, while I got into bed and went sound asleep. MEN appreciate things like this as well!

Frugality Tip Number Four-- Doing Nothing

With packed schedules from work, dinner parties, charity/religious events, and whatever else, every once and a while, we need to decompress. It is actually strengthens our immune system.

We need to say NO! And NOT feel the need to be  "entertained." The times when I felt the most connected to my exes, was during our "do nothing" days, where we would order in  and after that not do anything, no talking, TV, reading, social media, or music. Leave the dishes for tomorrow. We would just enjoy the company of each other, and of course screening calls are ESSENTIAL. Our philosophy the world could come to and end but we still have each other.

It's FALL and love is in the air...

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