Time for FUN!! How take advantage of the Fall

Fall, is really my favorite season, it is not too hot or cold. The colors of the leaves in the Northeast are amazing and everyone is back on point in terms of work and school.

That is why fall is a perfect time to pack a small bag for the weekend and really enjoy the beauty of nature. A couple of years of ago, I had the pleasure of going on a weekend trip out to a nature preserve on Shelter Island, NY.

The drive out there was beautiful, because you are going through The Hamptons and you get to see all the colors of the season and the farm stands with great local produce, then the ferry to Shelter Island was relaxing. The day was filled of educating lectures about the history of Shelter Island and the nature preserve.

We did a beach clean, nature walk, saw deer and ate a great meal from local produce. However, the aspect that impressed me the most was at night. This guy bought his telescope, he use to work for NASA as an astrophysicist, so this telescope was the real deal!

The sky was so clear and beautiful, he was able to show me all the major constellations in space and for people who are skeptic about the star formations and the constellations, this experience made me a believer.

The next day there was a duck walk, where we saw ducks and how they formed to prepare themselves to go away for the winter. This was one of best and relaxing weekends of my life because less than 2 1/2 hours from the city, you are in a completely different, tranquil, and amazing environment.

At the conclusion of our trip and on our way back, some of us did stop off at the local vineyards and got great deals on wine, especially, since that was the beginning of the off season. If you ever get a chance to do a wine tour, please pick up a case of "ice wine", especially if you aren't one to serve your guests, "sweet desserts", ice wine with a cheese platter is absolutely great for holiday entertaining.

If you have a family and want to more family centric fall weekend. Two hours in the other direction in Westchester county, they have great family farms, with apple and pumpkin picking, some farms have horse stables. While the kids are tired out from the day at the farms, your honey can briefly stop at a vineyard, call in advance to pick up your holiday wines on the way back to the city with the kids.

Cheers to a wonderful fall!!

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