Top 5ive Online Sites

 I am all for online shopping, click, click...

Today, I am choosing the Top Five sites for online shopping all for very different reasons.

 Everyone has heard of them by now, the reason why they snag the top spot is for "Gilt City" offers, Gilt Taste Gilt Home, and of course Gilt Women offerings.

"Gilt City" offerings are truly one of kind experiences, and the deals that I have gotten in on, were well worth the money. One deal was a Book Party for Peggy Post at Michael C. Fina, not only did participants get the New Book on Etiquette by Peggy Post, participants where given a 15% discount at Michael C. Fina and the experience of a book party with Peggy Post.

"Gilt Taste"  I planned my entire gratitude party using the majority of findings on Gilt Taste, the pricing, shipping charges, and scheduled date of delivery were all fair and accurate.

"Gilt Home" offerings I used for my party favors with their candle blowout sales and certain beauty items.

"Gilt Women" They sell items that are authentically the actual designers, I bought great fashion jewelry, shoes, and an evening gown, that  all were authentic and looked great!

 Keys aspect to Gilt is packaging for certain items, they come in a great black velvet and gold lettering pouch,  superior, excellent,customer service; they go above the call to make sure their customers are happy and remain loyal patrons.

 Not going to spend to much time on them because I devoted an article singing their praises! Entertaining season is coming up and all things paper goods, garbage bags, this is site to go check out, plus you get rewards towards the next purchase and delivery is speedy and always accurate.


This is another flash sales site the reason, why I choose them as number two, is because they are inclusive in their clothing selection, they actually have plus size days, where gals who are above a size 10 can buy good looking clothes.
They also have great customer service, of course being owned by Nordstrom they learned from the best.

The thing I love about Fab is if you are looking for that one of kind gift, clothing, books, furniture, they have really great products. They celebrate the true artisan and it seems as though they are the only ones that offer Kosher products. Especially, with the Jewish holidays around it is good to go to site that  you can purchase specific offerings, which either you would need or wouldn't offend the receiver of the gift.

I am a loyalist! Not only do they offer top quality beauty products at all price points. They made me an OPI- nail polish groupee! They also have great turnaround time in getting product to the client and when I did have to make an in store return; they were excellent and gracious in terms of doing the credit. 
The make-up artists especially at the Union Square store in Manhattan are fierce! And, as always they give free samples.


I recently made a few purchases from this site and was blown away for several reasons. The speed in which I received my order and when I opened my order, every item was individually wrapped in bubble wrap, including my nail polishes. The has made me a believer because other cites may ship items, but the care of that went into wrapping each product, makes me a returning customer.

 I know has branched out into other areas of commerce, but you still can't beat their prices on books! You can still get great prices on a myriad of books, from current best sellers, to text books, and even rare books. As a avid reader, still leads the way in affordable books.
Love this site, for a few reasons, they have a loyal and rewards program. If you enroll in this program, and you buy a voucher for a specific vendor and you are a repeat customer, then you can get additional discounts, from Bloomspot.

Well, thanks to all my favorite sites for offering great products, excellent customer service, which are all key reasons to enjoy life!

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